Tokyo, a delightful city


My last travel to Japan was a 15 day long where I got the chance to immerse in their culture as it was my second visit and I didn’t have the need of running since the only destination on the program was Tokyo.

I must say this is absolutely and without any doubt my favorite country. I just love their culture, manners and spirit. They have the ability of making you feel welcome -always- and it will for sure surprise everyone of you. Either when you go to the toilet or just wandring around whith their astonishing arquitecture, style and their signature design.

As I said, this time it was only Tokyo on the program, 15 days to discover some of the hidden treasures that they keep there. And I must say we did a great job! Each evening we would choose a district and the next day we’d walk around and get a bit lost. What an exciting city! I just fall in love every time I’m there.

Here are some shots that I hope will convey Tokyo’s feeling.

Matta ne!


Pictures taken Apr.’12

PS: should you like my pictures and want to use them or maybe buy a copy in bigger resolution don’t hesitate to contact me!


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