Dubai was the one of the destinations of our honeymoon.

We had a stop-over of almost 24 hours wich we squeezed, as usual, to get the most out of it.

I can farely say that it didn’t turn out to be one of my favorite destinations. Not that there is nothing to see or that it’s not beautiful, but it’s maybe not the kind of place that marks me. And it absolutely didn’t help that it was Ramadan although I learned a lot from that. It was very interesting to see how the people adapted to not eat during the day and then have a huge picnic out on the streets when the sun set.

The highlight was the dinner at the top floor restaurant on Burj Al Arab…wow!!! Impressive building, astonishing views, delicious food and colourful and tasteful drinks.

Some shots to get the feeling of it? There you go!

PS: should you like my pictures -which would make me extremely happy- and you want to use them or maybe buy a copy in bigger resolution don’t hesitate to contact me!

Pictures taken Sept.’09


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