For my nameday a very close friend of mine gave me a filter as a present. My very first filter!

And of course, we had to try it! So we went to Sitges, a lovely village on the south of Barcelona. I was so happy, it felt like a gem in my hands. I attached it carefully and waited for the right light.

Filters are delicate and sensitive, and so become the pictures: delicate..

Enjoy my very own vision of Sitges.

Pictures taken Dec.’12


6 thoughts on “Sitges

    • Hello skpfoto!
      I’m so exicted, my very first comment!!! I didn’t even say it to my friends that I have this blogg!!
      Sorry..back to your question: The filter is a ND 8 from B+W.
      The colour is what it actually came from the camera, no editing. In case you wonder..
      After taking these shots I have on my wishlist to get some more filters, they are very nice for the silk effect and gives a magical touch in my opinion.
      Wow!! thanks for the comment, really! 🙂
      Have a great week!

      • Cool. It’s also fun to take photos of interesting structures with people moving in the foreground, a ND filter can help blur the movement of those people, creating a more dynamic photo.

  1. I actually took one with a person in it but I though maybe it was too strange.. hihi! I can upload and see what you think. Just a sec.

  2. Gorgeous images! Colours are superb! I’m hoping to get an ND filter soon also, for my coastal shots. Many long years ago, I spent a wonderful week in Sitges, so this brings back great memories! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for such wonderful words! 🌹
      I recently used a ND8 filter in a beach in Goa and I must say is a lot of fun! I highly reccommend you to get one and play with it.
      Thanks for coming by and posting, you made me really happy! 🌹

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