Auschwitz & Birkenau

This last weekend we went to Krakow with a couple of friends. And when in Krakow, a visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau is a must.

As you may imagine, is very tough.. and indeed it was. Myself I had to walk away from the group a couple of times because I couldn’t take it anymore..I felt devastated, deeply sad and couldn’t stop crying. My friends managed a bit better, although they all felt sick.

We were quiet afterwards, trying to digest all the images and information, recolocating all our feelings and stomachs..but pleased with the fact that we decided to visit it on our first day in Krakow; to have the time afterwards to refill our hearts with some good moments shared all together and with the beauty that surrounded us.

Even now, editing the pictures and writing the post I feel the tears coming, my throat tightening..but it has to be seen. Cannot be forgotten.

I don’t usually write any comments on the pictures but this time I did it, to give them sense.


6 thoughts on “Auschwitz & Birkenau

  1. Even though, only some pieces are left of these camps, it nearly always leaves you speechless. Makes you wonder, what kind of people able to plan and execute murder this way. In these vast numbers and this cold efficiency.
    I visited Buchenwald last year and even more horrifying than the ruins of the camp was the town nearby. Weimar, a city which is so proud of their culture. Goethe and Schiller two of the brightest poets of Germany, the theater culture, green parks and everything. Wander through the streets there after visiting the camp just a few kilometres away and you wonder, whether they simply ignored what was happening seventy years ago or whether they knew. And if they did, why?

    Wonderful images, of a devastating and horrifying location. You are right, this should never be forgotton.

  2. Unas imágenes estremecedoras, sabiendo todos los horrores que allí sucedieron, llegan al alma.
    Aun así, son unas tomas geniales!
    Bien viaje!

    • Me hace muy feliz tu comentario.
      He intentado trasmitir el sentimiento que me invadió al estar entre esas paredes.. y si a ti te han llegado al alma, parece que no lo he hecho tan mal.
      Muchas gracias!

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