El Camino

Monday 10. September 9am. I receive a call from a friend who asks me..do you have any plans for Sunday 23th? Could you do me a favour?

As I learned from my mother, when a friend asks you for something, you just say yes, instantly, automatically. And then, right after, you start the machinery in your head to make it possible. And if this favour involves travelling, I do not even blink! So I smiled and said: of course!

I had 12 days to find the right equipment which I must tell you, it’s quite a mission in Norway for such a tiny person as I am. But I run all over Oslo and asked friends and family for help and there I was. Guide for a group of 8. All with different reasons but with the same purpose and goal: to walk around 250km in 10 days trough the north of Spain. El Camino.

I couldn’t bring my reflex camera as I had to cut off all extra weight but I’ve always thought that when the landscape and surroundings are beautiful you for sure get good pictures.

I hope they bring you the peace and joy I felt during the Camino and that they make you write down “Camino” on your wishing list of destinations to go to. As it certainly is worth the effort and sweat!

¡Buen Camino!

Pictures taken Sept.’12


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