I can’t seem to find a reason why, but when I first think of a trip my mind travels to the furthest corners of the Planet.. passing by all my beautiful neighbour countries..

So even though it might sound strange (specially for those from Spain, or Europe in general, I have only been in Italy once, and I was there only 10 days..buf.. hard to admit it but it’s the truth..

I was there with what it turned out to be my family-in-law (big Italy lovers) and I enjoyed it a lot. We visited Città del Vaticano, Rome, Firenze and some small villages around Rome whose names I’m afraid I cannot recall. My feeling when remembering this trip is of astonishment. Vatican is out of this world.. and when strolling around Rome’s streets, we would be walking in a narrow and brownish grey street and suddenly, one step ahead of us, a huge building would stand in front os us!

Pictures taken Aug.’07

PD: “a lot has rained since that summer” (as we say in Spanish) which means that I have learned and practiced a lot since I took those pictures so hopefully I have become a better photographer. heeeheeee!!


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