Cuba is a wonderful country with inspiring people.

I am Spaniard so I could talk with everyone and listen to everything was said and at times I felt sad because you can sense the fear in their tones and hear it in the way they talk.

We drove across Cuba from La Habana to Baradero and back, and of course with the car always full of people!

Before travelling I do my homework, I read all the books I can put my hands on, forums, ask around to those who have already been I don’t miss a thing wherever I am. So I knew transport is a problem to most Cuban people and decided “to do my bit” -as I found out they say in English – and fill the car with people. And what a nice and clever idea turned out to be! They showed us the road when there were no signs and we learned a lot about the culture, the country and their spirit.

Cuba is definitely worth a visit and if you happen yo rent a car, don’t be afraid and help them out. You’ll see how happy some women are to realize that they won’t spend the night on the road waiting for a lorry to pass by.

2 Spanish kisses, Vk

PS: should you like my pictures and want to use them or maybe buy a copy in bigger resolution don’t hesitate to contact me!

Pictures taken Sept.’06


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