Creativity is a funny thing..

Sometimes it jumps bumps into you when you’re mind is wandering somewhere else, some other times you need it and it just doesn’t show up..

I’ve taken thousands of pictures on our Round-The-World trip but there they are.. squeezed in memory cards and hard drives, praying to be seen, edited, taken care of.. but “I never find the right moment” to sit and just do it.

But then instead, giving credit to creativity’s naughty personality, one day a friend comes over and talks about a photography challenge that goes on and on for 52 weeks -consistency is not really one of my virtues- but here I am, my head spinning, running out of bed to grab my phone and write the description of a picture I just saw, acting weird among people when it hits me because I don’t want to forget it..

I had not touched the camera for weeks, months.. it felt heavy and like a burden to even take one more picture, one more added to the thousands I still have to edit.. but not anymore.. now I carry the backpack almost every weekend, and I have broken some inner barriers even.. I stand in front of the camera.. I have opened myself, showed my feelings..

It’s refreshing, it feels lighter, good.. maybe it’s just what I needed, to open up, to let go.. to find a creative way to all these feelings I had inside.

So I decided to join the challenge, I’m doing quite ok time-wise (1 picture a week is not such an easy task) and I want to show them here..

Maybe they are my very fist series of pictures.. I could call them “feelings”..

I hope you like them.. and if not.. it’s ok.. let’s just call it art, because showing feelings is so personal and subjective and we all face them differently.


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