Prekkestolen & surroundings

A year ago my best boy-friend came to visit me to Norway and I decided to take him to Prekkestolen, which was one of Norway’s wonders I hadn’t visited yet, waiting for the perfect oportunity to go. And there we were!

The way up there with a 4-year old on our backs was tough, but the views were so worth it! I must admit I got very impressed and scared by the sight of it but I have a very sweet and beautiful memory of that trip.

So here they are, the pictures. This turned out to be the last trip with my Nikon D90.

Pics taken Aug’12

Have a nice summer!




I already said that I have travelled a lot around Norway. But what I felt in Lofoten was something I’ve never experienced before. They are stunning. I checked the Thesaurus and I don’t really find the suitable adjective. One that expresses how beautiful they are. Because…you just never have enough.

I convinced my mother to join us on this trip and the only words that came out of her (on ours) mouths was: “Ooh! Look! Is…Ooh! Look there!”

I hope I do justice with my pictures. Because really….breathtakingly delightful.

If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate.

Pictures taken Aug.’11

PS> you’ll have to excuse the amount of pictures. This time it was truly difficult to choose… they bring me back so many nice memories..

Cabo Verde

I always wanted to learn Portuguese.
When I finally enrolled the course I was so excited and happy!
Not so long after I started, the opportunity arised to take a short vacation and then I decided that it had to be somewhere where they spoke Portuguese.

And that is why we ended up in Cabo Verde.

Tasteful food, dreamy beaches, beautiful skies and warm people.

Hope you like them!

Pictures taken Nov.’12

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Austmarka, Norway

People say I’m lucky because usually you wouldn’t know what your neighbour’s names are and have no relation with them.

Me, I have always had a very good relation with all my neighbours in Norway, both before and after having kids. Where we live now is like an idyllic bubble, we sit outside in the backyard when the weather allows us, or inside when it doesn’t. We eat together, kids play while the grownups chat for hours.. we even have our own small projects like arranging an open-air cinema. hihi! I feel blessed.. It’s like taken out of a movie!

We even go for short trips together. Today’s pictures are from the place where one of my neighbours come from. Beautiful landscape!


Pictures taken Aug.’12

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Tokyo, a delightful city


My last travel to Japan was a 15 day long where I got the chance to immerse in their culture as it was my second visit and I didn’t have the need of running since the only destination on the program was Tokyo.

I must say this is absolutely and without any doubt my favorite country. I just love their culture, manners and spirit. They have the ability of making you feel welcome -always- and it will for sure surprise everyone of you. Either when you go to the toilet or just wandring around whith their astonishing arquitecture, style and their signature design.

As I said, this time it was only Tokyo on the program, 15 days to discover some of the hidden treasures that they keep there. And I must say we did a great job! Each evening we would choose a district and the next day we’d walk around and get a bit lost. What an exciting city! I just fall in love every time I’m there.

Here are some shots that I hope will convey Tokyo’s feeling.

Matta ne!


Pictures taken Apr.’12

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