diving in Koh Samet, Thailand

In this trip I decided I was going to try to go down on my things-to-do list, things I haven’t dared or managed in the previous trips. One of those was diving.

It may sound strange for some people, but I must tell you this was not an easy task.. I had always thought I couldn’t dive because of my ears -I had tried once before and it was really painful- plus it was quite scary and impressive the thought of “breathing underwater”..

But there I was, after a lot of persuasion from a friend and lots of training in the swimming pool this summer: diving!! in Koh Samet!


That was so much fun!

So here are my very first shots underwater, while taking the exams and training to get my Open Water Dive.



To lighten our souls and replace some of the sadness that the previous pictures might have left behind, here are some shots of this beautiful and charming city.

The colour of Kraków? Green! Wherever you would be strolling, you would always find a park, always surrounded by nature. What a delightful feeling.

Let our blue thoughts be rinsed and taken by Krakow’s breeze.

Auschwitz & Birkenau

This last weekend we went to Krakow with a couple of friends. And when in Krakow, a visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau is a must.

As you may imagine, is very tough.. and indeed it was. Myself I had to walk away from the group a couple of times because I couldn’t take it anymore..I felt devastated, deeply sad and couldn’t stop crying. My friends managed a bit better, although they all felt sick.

We were quiet afterwards, trying to digest all the images and information, recolocating all our feelings and stomachs..but pleased with the fact that we decided to visit it on our first day in Krakow; to have the time afterwards to refill our hearts with some good moments shared all together and with the beauty that surrounded us.

Even now, editing the pictures and writing the post I feel the tears coming, my throat tightening..but it has to be seen. Cannot be forgotten.

I don’t usually write any comments on the pictures but this time I did it, to give them sense.


For my nameday a very close friend of mine gave me a filter as a present. My very first filter!

And of course, we had to try it! So we went to Sitges, a lovely village on the south of Barcelona. I was so happy, it felt like a gem in my hands. I attached it carefully and waited for the right light.

Filters are delicate and sensitive, and so become the pictures: delicate..

Enjoy my very own vision of Sitges.

Pictures taken Dec.’12