Mmmmhh… I really love to travel, diving in new cultures and exploring new landscapes.

Some steps have to be fullfilled before I get to my new destination. Firts it has to be my turn to choose country, I like equality, I am very focused on that actually so I get to choose every second year. So, time passes and I get to choose. The first thing I check is when is it best to be there wheather wise. And how much do the plane tickets cost. And after some days diving through countless websites I get affordable tickets on dates that suit the agendas.

And then starts the fun! To dive into the culture through Lonely Panet guides and forums. So I go straight to the Library’s website to order aaaaall the books and guides they have on that destination. I pull out the bookworm that lives inside med and start reading to make the first choices.

“Where” is an importante step on the planning process as usually I only visit one place once. And I want to avoid at all costs that day in the future when I tell someone about my trip and they ask me of something I didn’t do or a place I didn’t visit or something I didn’t taste or try. So I R.E.A.D. Everything! And ask everyone when planning.

I just have to say I always end up buying Lonely Planet’s guide of the destination. Please, don’t ask me why, I just find them reliable, I like how it’s displayed and let’s face it, I like the look! And how they look all together on a shelf… hihi!

When planning, I’m something close to a travel agent I guess. I like to make a plan, to write down all the places, in order so I know where should I go first and from where, to where I can get and so on. Then I check transport and so on. Misunderstand me right, this doesn’t mean my travel is all bulletproof or not up to any improvisation. I love improvisation and I’m a bit of a chameleon, I adapt to the circumstances and events that keep showing up but I also like to be prepared and get to see as much as I can. Because, as I said, I’m only going once. I only have one shot. (Although this is not always right, I’ve been to Japan twice, but this is an exception and it’s due to the fact that I’m just in love of that country, food and culture.. and of course I have visited many European countries more than once. Because either I have friends there or they are just so close by.. )

I highly encourage you to not start beeing too logical about the destination you choose. Yes, ok, you don’t speak the language, you might not even speak proper English that it’s turned out to be THE language (even I write this blogg in English..hihi!) but it’s ok. Your survival instincts will be in place when needed and you have your body language and as we say in Spain: “as long as you have hands, you are ok” 🙂

And read, read a lot, and you’ll end up finding a temple in Japan you can sleep over and pray, fantastic food to be tasted, idyllic and desertic islands to disconnect from everything from in Malaysia..

..the world is full of wonders to be discovered by you! ..

Mabe you have some cool and secret places to reveal? Please, please, please, I want to know about them! 🙂

I may even have some to share too! 😉

Enjoy and travel. With respect and tolerance. We only have one world.


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